Louise Hay, the prolific and best-selling Author, has touched the lives of countless millions of people, recently passed. You can heal your life is a work that encompasses her key message “If we are willing to the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” Louise knows what she is talking about, healing her own dis-ease and with the changing of her thoughts, attitudes and ingrained behaviours; her life became a wondrous experience.

You can heal your life worked in my life as well. I was an angry person, I ate my anger and chose to hide behind an overweight wall. With time, I was able to change my “Core beliefs”, help to lose weight and discover a whole basket load of thought-created issues that I changed within myself. Such as being unworthy and unlovable. In truth, we all deserve love and are capable of being lovable, no matter our history or what we believe about yourselves.

So, invest a little time in yourself, read this book, take it in and begin to make the basic and core changes that will help you to heal your life.

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